Blossity is an urban strategy consultancy. We work with global brands, capital investors, and city leaders to shape boundary-blurring places where people thrive.

Blossity is an urban strategy consultancy. We work with global brands, capital investors, and city leaders to shape boundary-blurring places where people thrive.


Health and wellbeing

Active cities are attractive cities – and the people living in them are happier. Studies show how cities that enable physical activity experience long-term and far-reaching benefits. When people move their bodies more, it has a direct impact on city life: traffic, pollution, and crime drop, while productivity, school performance, retail spending, property values, health & wellbeing rise. Blossity helps city leaders and capital investors shape comprehensive urban strategies that turn intentions into impact.

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Corporate urbanism

Cities are home to urban talent employed in competitive corporations and to discerning consumers who value experience over stuff. Today’s city-culture calls for brands to have clear-cut urban strategies. Our specific expertise is in creating environments that unlock the full potential of your tenants and teammates, and beyond that, provide consumers new touchpoints in cities.
Blossity helps global corporations implement urban strategies through city-wide placemaking programmes and hands-on master planning for mixed use campuses that win the war for talent.

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Curious, Fast-Paced
and Street-Smart.


To Stick or
Not To Stick


Jorick Beijer

A born and raised urbanist, free-spirit and industry thought leader, Jorick is the voice of Blossity. Having started design and development projects at just 20, Jorick’s ventures in the built space since then have been driven by deep curiosity. Now well-positioned in the nexus of the real estate universe, Jorick advises executives on how to make the most of new urban futures.

Jorick has acquired an international approach to urbanism through his studies in Delft and Los Angeles. Over the last few years Jorick has been Director and driving force behind The Class of 2020, Europe’s leading think tank on student living. Jorick is a visiting studio teacher at Delft University of Technology and a global keynote speaker on cities, innovation, and investment.


David Struik

David has a background in both architecture and real estate, enabling him to turn site-specific qualities into creative and value-adding design solutions. With over 10 years’ experience in getting mixed-use urban area development projects done, he has gained a pragmatic approach to multi-stakeholder management.

David is author of ‘Het Doosjesvolk’, a pioneering publication on the future of Dutch student living and is an active member of Neprom New Gen and the Koninklijke Haagse Woningvereniging van 1854.


Marije Blok

Blossity was born from the desire to bridge the domains of human behaviour and the built environment. This is how we have gained a deeper understanding on how places impact people, both physically and emotionally – and the other way around.

Her background in social sciences enables Marije to bring science into strategic decision making. Within the team she is driving our insights on long-term consumer trends and evidence-based design strategies.

Since 2017 Marije is conducting a doctoral research at the VU University Amsterdam, department of Sociology.


Christian Pappalardo

Born in Sicily and moved to Milan for his studies, Christian now observes cities and visual culture out of Amsterdam. Building on his background in brand and content design, he turned his creativity into an increasingly multidisciplinary approach. It’s in urban projects where Christian explores how the conceptual power of design creates meaningful solutions in many different forms.

Christian embodies our vision of living-working-learning as a non-linear and lifelong process, as he is currently enrolled at the Rietveld Academy of Art in Amsterdam.


Bart Schrijnen

Barts roots, education and working experience are all about multi-stakeholder urban area development. With over 15 years’ experience in complex environments he is comfortable in building public-private partnerships, driving own developments forward, and accelerating projects in delicate political settings.

Bart has a fascination for data and digital tools that advance urban development, and his is one of the founders of the community improvement initiative ‘Kralingen aan de Maas’ in our hometown Rotterdam.