7 perspectives on real estate in the 2020s.

You must have stumbled over all those lists with top trends for the New Year, just as I did. That being said, it’s fascinating to think about what will survive beyond the hype, and really drive change in the next decade. I’m not a prophet – but here’s my pick for the 2020s:

📖 Community-oriented development is here to stay

Libraries will get back at the heart of districts and small villages. We have seen them rediscovering their purpose with language courses, coding schools and such. Communities have a huge agenda to foster connection and inclusion. What services will be next?

🍭 The Urban Campus

Blurring boundaries in the 2020s – this will be the decade of mixed-use, public-private spaces. Talent will remain scarce, accessible housing options even more so. Combined this will urge brands to radically reimagine their big-box and to shift towards creating integrated campuses where discerning bright minds can work, live, play and stay.

👩🏼‍🤝‍👨🏽 YEP: Young Elderly People

On the other end of the spectrum it would be stupid to ignore worlds quickest growing cohort of urbanites: the young elderly people. Long term trends has been slowly been pushing investment in residential solutions. In the 2020s we will see more inclusive concepts that support their health & wealth. Yep!

🏓 The power of play

Fun and games do not only help children thrive. Play is serious business and a true catalyst for innovation. In the 2020s will see the return of playing in workspace, retail, co-living and surely cities. Think of something analogue, powered through tech.

💆🏼 Health & Happiness

Building on that idea of playing, the 2020s will finally make us serious about wellbeing. Whether you are thinking about physical or mental wellbeing (they’re actually quite connected), the investment case is there: healthy & happy tenants stick better.

🍸 The cocktail of corporates & cities.

Seen this new from Toyota, on building their city of the future at Mount Fuji in Japan? Well, we saw more of such plans in the past (my absolute favourite being Walt Disney’s EPCOT). But surely in the 2020s there is no future for corporates that do not have a vision on how to make most out of cities. Is your brand getting it done?

🧠 Rethinking risk.

Fingers crossed for this decade won’t end in same fashion as the roaring 1920s did. But we are seeing inherent risks in a late-cycle market where values are above historic levels. We will see that so-called assets can also be liabilities. Successful investors will be the ones shifting from environments to experiences.

Look forward hearing your thoughts, and let’s rock the 2020s.

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